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So, yearly entry. I keep telling myself I'm going to write here more often, but then in winter I'm so busy (and often frustrated about things that I can't exactly write down in a public venue) and then in summer it's. so. fucking. hot. So I end up reading, watching movies and tv shows on my laptop, and downloading games on my itouch (so addictive).

And I'm not even writing in my writing journal which is pissing me off even more.

What has prompted my entry? Well, on reading a really good book about writing ( Starve Better, by Nick Mamatas) I suddenly realised why my Master's Thesis got such a negative reception back in 2003 when I had my viva. He writes about students who want to write genre fiction getting a hard time in MFA creative writing courses (or, they got a hard time - apparently things are getting better) - well how about writing a Master's thesis solely concerned with genre fiction, albeit a feminist take on it? Yes, I could ask "What was I thinking?", except I really needed to work on something I was interested in, otherwise I'd end up dropping out, just as I did in my first attempt at a Master's.

I'm not saying that I didn't get my MA, 'cause I did, just that it involved a 45 minute grilling which I kept fairly calm throughout, only collapsing into tears once I was sitting in the quadrangle, waiting for my lift home. Also, the one person who should conceivably shown some interest in what I'd written, only gave one contribution: Why didn't I write about film? Well, where was he when I was drowning in research with a largely indifferent tutor? How can you answer a question like that? Because. I. didn't? Was I supposed to go back in time and hurriedly write a couple of chapters about the Terminators, Alien et al, etc, something which I'm sure had already been done, by actual Film students, which I wasn't?

Wow, almost ten years later, and I'm still really full of resentment. On the one hand, I blame this experience (and the general "sink or swim" attitude prevalent in our alma mater; unless, that is, a lecturer happens to be a family friend) for never trying for a Phd. On the other hand, I know what I'm like - there is no way I can balance writing a thesis with a full-time job and Maltese summers are difficult to write in. I tend to procrastinate, and find it very difficult to get started. Also, as the only topic I'm really interested right now is fanfiction and its queering of a straight narrative . . . yeah, I'm sure that would really go down well.

Whatever; in the past, I suppose. Which is another country, haha.

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Remember, remember the fifth of November,
gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot!

Also, because it's my birthday. Yay. Or not. After the big 4Oh shit I'm old, birthdays are kinda booby-traps.

NPR's 100 top SFF books.
Might as well. Haven't posted in ages. Pinched the code from goseaward

Code: bold I've read (or read at least one in the series), italics I intend to read, strikethrough I refuse to read.

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 Once again, I manage to keep it less than a year between updates. On the life front, 2010 hasn't been that great, what with my uncle dying and me getting a chest infection which laid me low for quite a while. Not Swine flu, though! Funny how by now we were all supposed to be in grave danger.

It's funny to read about the shows I'd been looking forward to, and realize how badly some of them were messed up. FlashForward, in particular, is going down the Lost route of incredibly complicated conspiracy stuff and soap opera plots which I don't care about. I just don't care!!! And I was actually pleased about the LGBT inclusiveness (ok, just the L, but it's a start), until I realised it was just another WOMAN WANTS A BABY, BECAUSE LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT ONE plot. Particularly in the latest episode, we have RaceFail, LGBT fail, and Gender Fail. I might read the book, though, to see if that was worse, and the writers actually improved on it.

Sigh. At least Supernatural is still made of amazing. The latest episode, in particular, is wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.

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So managed to get it down to less than a year between updates! Yay for me! Or not.

I finally have a laptop, which I'd never thought I'd get till I finished paying off the car, but thanks to a huge financial contribution from my mum, I am laptop owner! Browsing is much faster than my dinosaur, though I still use it. Of course, anything which costs me money has to wait until AFTER I've shelled out a fuckload of cash.

So, in quick succession, my ancient CRT (hey, it's 19" ok! And has a great picture!) is giving up the ghost, I really need a wireless router, and my glasses just snapped off at the temple. FML. The spectacle situation is the worst, my lenses cost a lot, I have to use glass, can't use plastic, and frames are expensive. Plus I probably need a new eye test too. Shit.
And the car. Yes. I was told that cars are a bottomless pit into which you throw money, but I wouldn't listen. Oh no.

I have a brand new, all-consuming obsession which I am not going to reveal, but which is making a typical surface-of-the-sun-hot Maltese summer much more bearable than usual. Suffice it to say that it makes me BREAK OUT IN ALL CAPS FREQUENTLY, and necessitated an SAS type raid on many bookshops to find a copy of a certain issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Warning to any fellow Maltese who give a shit: AGENDA BOOKSHOP IS MADE OF FAIL. The people at the Plaza will lie to you and say something is unavailable when it is: go to the airport, where hidden treasure is .  .  . hidden, yes. I know it's Agenda at the airport too. Who knows WTF the Plaza people are smoking.

Mum is in Germany, where she was complaining about the rain last week.  Look at me, crying many tears for your pain, oh wait, that's not tears, that's sweat!  Possibly more annoyed than should be because have to water a jungle of plants and feed many picky cats. How can stray cats be picky? HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW? 

My tv shows are letting me down this summer. Burn Notice is ok, I guess. Leverage is kind of boring, Torchwood is FAIL as everyone knows by now.  I got into Raising the Bar, which is ok, but Defying Gravity is Melrose Space (tm someone on TWOP), Virtuality is ass (thank God the pilot tanked) and The Bill has been retooled. IDK how to feel about that. Although Jack Meadows in uniform because he's the new Superintendent will never not be funny.
Am looking forward to the remake of V, though: I loved the original series and the trailers look good. Maybe the new series won't be so heavy-handed with the Nazi analogies. Also Flash Forward is looking good. Day One: don't know. Very Melrose Apocalypse. But I'll give it a try.

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Time for my yearly post, methinks.

Have become addicted to The Bill (weird, I know). One of the things I like most about it is the use of diegetic sound only : makes you realise how horrendously overwrought some of the soundtracks to tv shows are. It also has some of the best acting on tv, and I love cop shows. So there it is.

Another thing I've seen lately is Dead Set, a five day Charlie Brooker series in which zombies rise and the Big Brother house contains the only survivors. I can't embed the trailer but the link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQjq639WPiU. Pretty good first four episodes - won't watch the last one though, I've spoiled myself for it and it's not the type of ending that I like, so won't bother.

Real life? Work, bleaugh, irritating colleagues, infuriating students etc etc. Though my glum mood is actually due to me thinking I was going to get an Iphone this weekend and having to think again - is it possible to buy anything on this shithole of an island without getting ripped off? Anything at all?

Whatev. Supernatural, you still rule!

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Heh heh: take that bigots!

P.S. All the best for Davinia, actress extraordinaire!

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Am very bored and seem to be melting - August in Malta sucks, especially when you can't afford to go abroad, having decided to buy a car in July. Hmm. It's very weird to think of myself driving and owning a car, after so many years of being bus commuter No 1.

Well, 'driving' really, only very early in the mornings because Maltese traffic scares the shit out of me at any other time. Oh well, will get used to it again once I start work in Sept, only then it won't be an ancient Skoda whose paintwork I'll be risking but my own, 2nd hand Peugeot - I never worried about being rear-ended in the rust-heap. It happened once, and there was nothing, NOTHING on the Skoda (except silencer, but that didn't require panel beating and shit) while the beautiful gleaming black Merc which hit me was somewhat worse for wear. Now my pretty little 206 is in danger from the maniacs which populate our roads.

Not looking forward to starting school again - maybe this will be the year when I SNAP! For my subconscious (unconscious?) it's clear that summer is almost over - I've started having bad dreams about the classes I might be teaching. Only good things about the end of September: Supernatural (yayayay! I wish it weren't tanking in the ratings!) Stargate Atlantis (how have I become addicted? Ah yes, it's all Ben Browder's fault). Everything else I like to watch seems to be starting much later.

So, this was pretty pointless, except for my wise saying of the day:

To live a long and happy life, do not watch The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. It is an abomination, an offence against humanity. Instead, read the book (ie, The Dark is Rising) then watch the trailer, and either feel true horror, or laugh in disbelief. I was trying to recommend a film if you don't feel like reading, but couldn't find anything interesting on that date. Hey, watch Supernatural: third season premiere!

couldn't resist book meme
Might even add some QAF discussion later if I wasn't feeling so lazy.

From punkdoc : Giant Book-meme
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All I want to say about QAF Season 4 at the moment is: Why can't it be all Brian/Justin, all the time? Spoilers for episodes 5 and 6 follow

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Still sat, after coffee; spoilers for Angel
Still no QAF dvds. Maltapost sucks ass. And not in a good way. It's funny that in any other country on earth, parcels which are not the size of a washine machine are delivered to one's doorstep, but in a country which on world maps is frequently mistaken for a crumb, or a printer's error (i.e. TINY), parcels have to be picked up from local post offices between 7.45 and 12.45. You mean you actually have to go to work in those hours? well, fuck you then!
It's not only that which is annoying about this country. The phrase 'out of stock'. comes to mind. Say those words to anyone who has lived here for any length of time, and they will smile fondly (yes, they can smile, because now they live in places where things actually happen, on time, and they work right, the first time!). Ok, small island, dependent on imports yadayada, but when something is unavailable, it is unavailable for a long, long time, and for no explicable reason. The container was delayed. There are floods in europe. It's snowing in europe. The phase of the moon has entered Mercury and the pull of the other planets has put it out of alignment . . . Ok, I made the last one up. But Halls sugarfree?! WTF? Nowhere! I've looked everywhere, and I really need them and would like to keep some of my teeth - am really tired of subsidizing the education of my dentist's kids (nice man, but he has these really horrible posters of these chimps dressed in clothes - I suppose they're meant to look whimsical, but they just really creep me out).

Spoilers for new angel

I enjoyed this one: actually, I've been enjoying most of them. I've realised that I am remarkably uncritical of Buffy and Angel: the episodes really have to be ghastly to put me off (yes, Where the wild things are, I am talking about you: the only thing worth retaining is Giles singing: that could have been on loop for the rest of the episode!).
I haven't bothered to download the Harmony ep, or the numero cinco one (mexican wrestlers?! Shyeah, right), but I liked all the other, especially last week's. Puppets! Angel as a puppet! "You're a wee little puppet man!"
Hole in the world was good too. Other fans have really said everything there is to say about this ep; it just makes me angrier that Angel was cancelled. I went off Angel in season three, wasn't interested in the Saint Cordy storyline, or the Connor story for that matter, but I really enjoyed season 4, and season five, especially the added spikey goodness! And now it's over. Wouldn't it be funny if instead of the Big Bad being Wolfram and Hart this season, it would be Warner and Brothers?!
Have to download the new csi - love it, and would really like a good storyline for Greg, but it's still good anyway.
Have to go now, vacuum cleaner and afterwards, pathetic Macbeth essays (deep sigh) beckon.


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